Full-time & part-time Paramedic positions​​

​    Clinton Area Ambulance Service Authority

The mission of Clinton Area Ambulance Service Authority is to improve the pre-hospital health status of the people in and around Clinton County by providing quality, compassionate, and cost effective health services that are accessible to all. 

Our Mission Statement

We value an atmosphere that's authentic, friendly, supportive and innovative.

The evolution of our service

Our Evolution

Clinton Area Ambulance Service was formed in 1973 to fill a void left by a local funeral home which could no longer provide ambulance service due to more stringent state EMS legislation. Volunteers educated themselves to become licensed EMT’s and volunteers built and maintained the present day ambulance garage.  Clinton Area Ambulance Service participated in pilot studies by the state regarding Pulse Oximetry and Combitube placement on Basic Life Support Ambulances. In the mid 90’s the Ambulance Board approved the addition of an ECHO Unit, a non-transport Paramedic unit, to the Service in order to begin to provide Advanced Life Support to our community.  In 2002, we became an Advanced Life Support Ambulance (ALS) Service while continuing to utilize our ECHO unit for rendezvous with neighboring Basic Life Support services.  In 2004 we transformed the second BLS unit to ALS. The third ambulance (ALS/BLS) was maintained as a backup/extra rig. In 2005 the name was changed to Clinton Area Ambulance Service Authority (CAASA). This was done during a restructuring of the Articles of Incorporation. In December 2005, the Authority started hiring full time paramedics and EMT’s. In 2015 CAASA became one of the first Community Paramedic special study programs in the state of Michigan. The special study ended in 2019.


We are a growing thriving ambulance service supported by the communities in the north end of Clinton County located 16 miles North of the greater Lansing area. Our fleet currently consists of four ambulances with the ability to downgrade two ambulances to basic life support when needed, and a ECHO unit. CAASA also manages a rescue division assisting our ambulances and providing medical first response service to Greenbush Township. 

Our providers respond to 911 and interfacility transports in the communities we serve. Last year we responded to just over 3000 calls and anticipate exceeding those numbers for service in 2022. Our community hospital, Sparrow Clinton, is designated a Critical Access Hospital. We currently operate as a state approved education center and offer personnel a variety of continuing education and professional development courses.